Monday, August 16, 2010

haircut & cereal

this is pretty funny because.... Jonah REALLY doesn't like Lucas to touch him OR his things, but in the pic Jonah is in a dead sleep and Lucas is having SO much fun crawling all over hm. Lucas LOVES his big brother.

yes... this IS Jonah.
Nate decided he was going to attempt to cut Jonah's hair, it was getting in his eyes and he was looking pretty scruffy. so they went out on the deck with 3 different tools to get the job done. the haircut was looking pretty good. it was almost finished and Nate was touching up the back with the buzzer and took it a little too far..... so he decided to buzz his whole head! i stopped him mid stroke - told him he couldn't do it THAT short!! so Jonah has a strip in back that is almost totally to the skin. poor guy looks like he just had surgery! he loves the new cut (and he hasn't seen the back :) he says "Papa made my hair fuzzy with the buzzer!" i think he looks like a totally different kid!

and Lucas.... sweet Lucas is 6 months!! he had his first taste of rice cereal and loves the stuff. my content chubby baby has turned into a MOVER. he was scooting at 5 months and today started full on crawling up on his knees. jeez! my boys have energy!

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Rachel said...

I can't believe either of them! Lucas has grown up so much just since we saw you in June! LOVE the shot of him crawling all over Jonah-he finally gets to love his brother! And the haircut....what a riot. Sounds like something Rob would do too. :)