Saturday, January 24, 2009

pantless in January

yes! it was that warm in Crescent City on a January weekend!! we spent the day with good friends Mike & Steph and Greg & Lauren. a glorious day for the beach. Jonah couldn't get enough of the sand. he dug holes, found shells & sticks, rolled around in it & yes ate some. beaches are so much more fun with little explorers. the big boys had some fun of their own and finally got out in the water. it was one great weekend.

Friday, January 2, 2009

hike in the rain

we had our annual new years eve visit from our friends Rob & Rachel. the rain didn't keep us from tromping through the woods for a new years eve hike. grass was vividly green, trees tall and majestic, mushrooms grew on tree limbs (who knew!), a sweet boy slept peacefully on Papa, and the adventure was rejuvenating. can you beleive it's 2009?!!!


we had a wonderful mellow Christmas this year at our house. it was so fun being in our own home with our small family and Grammy and Poppy. i guess we kinda had a white was hail, but Jonah thought it was the greatest nonetheless. one of Jonah's favorite parts of Christmas was immediately standing on the present boxes after he tore the paper off...
he also loves his couch which he shares with Georgie... wishing you all a very merry & late Christmas!