Sunday, March 29, 2009


we have been spending a LOT of time outdoors working on starting a garden & trying to tame the jungle we call our backyard. i spend most of the time pulling a weed or two and then running after the munchkin or filling the buckets of water back up so that Jonah can play with them for five seconds and then dump the water all over himself...then he wants to do it all over again! he is enthralled with water (hmmm...i wonder where he got that from?) but we have been having fun and so enjoying being out in the dirt & fresh air!


Jonah is surprising us daily with new antics. it is so fun to watch his development...even if it keeps us on our toes. while i was cooking, Jonah decided to clear out the books from the bookshelf & make himself a little "reading nook"...then he got stuck & wasn't to happy!

he loves to put on my uggs and yes...walk around in them.

a bonus pic of my happy boy...

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

watchin' the clock

Jonah has finally caught the cold with the ever runny, snotty nose... so we have been cooped up in the house since Friday - yes we feel very out of touch with the rest of the outside world. but... i was reminded on one of the blogs i read (yes one of the many blogs my husband reminds me) to savor the little moments, the everyday moments, the sweet little things that bring you joy. that is what my days have been filled with lately.

so one of those sweet moments came when i asked Nate what time it was and Jonah responded by looking at his wrist as if he was wearing a watch... it was hilarious! neither Nate or i have taught him that.... these little ones are like sponges!! guess we need to be careful, we teach without even knowing.

i tried to capture the clock watcher....