Thursday, November 13, 2008

party time

Jonah loved his birthday. presents presents presents!! here are a few pics from his little party...

Grammy & Poppy came to celebrate
of course Auntie Lauren was there too

blowing kisses to Georgie
eating tissue paper....
loved his xylophone from Grandma & Grandpa Brinkman

he threw his cupcake on the floor & wanted nothing to do with it!
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Thursday, November 6, 2008


baby Jonah in his first few days of life

i think Jonah knows it's his birthday...he was very excited about waffles this morning

my sweet baby Jonah is 1!

so much to say and so little time...
last year on this day at 8:02 Jonah decided to bless this world with his presence.
words don't capture the joy this boy brings. here is a little about my sweet boy at 1:

*he loves to give wet slobbery open mouthed kisses...alot!
*blows kisses, but forgets to actually blow them
*claps all the time, even in his sleep
*his favorite toy is a handle of any kind
*would rather climb on things than play or read
*runs (kind of...)
*loves to be thrown in the air - Papa does that best
*loves to be tickled in the ribs & has the best gut laugh when you do
*has the softest skin i've ever felt
*learned the sign for "more"....but has decided not to use it
*gives Mama the best hugs

i could go on and on... but i think i will do that elsewhere...maybe in a letter to my boy.

thank you, to all you who are in our "village", all who have participated in our boy's first year of life. the saying is so true, we have needed you and are so blessed by you.

more to come on Jonah's birthday....

Sunday, November 2, 2008

fall in medford

Jonah and i ventured up to Medford to meet our friends Amanda & Piper for a full Fall weekend. we visited "The Farm", the park and a Harvest Party. it was so much fun watching the kids together. Piper graciously shared her toys with Jonah & he was quite mesmerized with her.

Jonah discovered leaves in Lithia Park. he couldn't get enough of the bright, crunchy wonderment. i couldn't get enough of it either! Fall in Ashland is amazing...i don't think i have ever appreciated the colors of Fall as much as i have this year. maybe it is my son's curiosity of even the littlest of creation...

Piper and Jonah had a great time at "The Farm". it consisted of about 20 different animals in a petting yard...llamas, pigs, goats, sheep, was exciting.

it got even more exciting... i accidentally let some goats know that i had some feed, one got really excited about it and then all 20 of the animals came charging over to join in the goats excitement. i was slightly embarassed about my reaction...they are petting zoo animals for goodness sake!!!

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