Sunday, November 2, 2008

fall in medford

Jonah and i ventured up to Medford to meet our friends Amanda & Piper for a full Fall weekend. we visited "The Farm", the park and a Harvest Party. it was so much fun watching the kids together. Piper graciously shared her toys with Jonah & he was quite mesmerized with her.

Jonah discovered leaves in Lithia Park. he couldn't get enough of the bright, crunchy wonderment. i couldn't get enough of it either! Fall in Ashland is amazing...i don't think i have ever appreciated the colors of Fall as much as i have this year. maybe it is my son's curiosity of even the littlest of creation...

Piper and Jonah had a great time at "The Farm". it consisted of about 20 different animals in a petting yard...llamas, pigs, goats, sheep, was exciting.

it got even more exciting... i accidentally let some goats know that i had some feed, one got really excited about it and then all 20 of the animals came charging over to join in the goats excitement. i was slightly embarassed about my reaction...they are petting zoo animals for goodness sake!!!

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jodi said...

Jonah looks so cute playing in the leaves. And the picture of the goat and you and Jonah is hilarious!

April said...

What cute pics! I love Lithia Park! It looks like you all had a great time.

Parkers said...

The picture of Jonah with the leaves is my favorite...I have got to meet that little boy one of these days! And, your face is absolutely priceless in that other picture!