Sunday, November 22, 2009

Jonah is 2!!!!!!

i am so very behind on posting about this oh so important event! Jonah turned 2! i don't know how it happened, it seems like only a few months ago he turned 1. 2 has proved to be such an amazing time for us. everyday i am amazed at what comes out of my boy's mouth.... i gotta be REAL careful about what i say these days. he is always listening.... or talking. there is a constant stream of commentary about what he is seeing & hearing, as well as what he wants you to do...."right now" or "so bad"!! my boy is so full of life, energy and joy & i am so honored to be his mama.

he had a week long celebration for his birthday, starting with a visit from Grammy and Poppy, then a little celebration with some of his friends & finally a day with our little family. our family day was jam packed with some of Jonah's favorite things..... started with pancakes and steamed milk (which he calls his "caffeine"), followed by a trip to the farmers market with lots of music and dancing. he wanted tacos for lunch - so Rita's it was. next on the agenda was the beach. we went to the jetty and saw the incredible 20 ft. (or something like that) waves that brings out all of Humboldt to witness. it was amazing & Jonah couldn't get enough of the beach that day. we ended the day with a short trip to Arts Alive - more music....surprise surprise! i think our boy loved the day & we loved every ounce of his enthusiasm. happy birthday Jonah!

more birthday fun

Grammy and Poppy came bearing gifts... Jonah was so excited to try out is new tricycle. of course he wanted to stand on it and help push too...

i asked Jonah what kind of cupcakes he wanted for his birthday.... he said pumpkin.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Dillon Beach

i feel like it has been so long since i've posted on here! i guess i have some catching up to do...

we got away for a beach weekend ( i guess we live at the beach, but it's always nice to see another spot of beach!) at Dillon Beach with our good friends. we stayed at a beach house within walking distance of a great stretch of beach. the sun even came out to greet us. Jonah, of course, loved every bit of this trip. he adores Auntie Lauren, Uncle Greg, Auntie Kam, and Uncle Jeff and talked about them the whole way home. his favorite part of the trip was surfing - yep, most definitely Nate's son!

more Dillon Beach

after Jonah got out of the water, his lips were blue and he was shivering like crazy but kept saying over & over "more surfin! more surfin!"

Sunday, October 18, 2009

little brother

this little brother is due February 12...

beannie buddy jam session

p.s. Jodi, I'll e-mail you these!

leaky pipe

we have been reading Richard Scarry's "Busy Town" over and over and over per Jonah's request. this is where he learned about fixing leaky pipes so he was SO excited to help his Papa tighten the loose faucet.

Monday, September 28, 2009

one of Jonah's favorite activities...


we are temporarily taking care of Bella. she is a special kitty with quite the personality! she lets Jonah carry her around like a rag doll and they give kisses before bedtime. it's pretty sweet.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

MN vacation 2

the 3 of us made it out to Minnesota to visit the Ask side of the family. Jonah LOVED seeing all of the family & played non stop on the trampoline, in the lake, on the jet ski, in the sand..... well you get the picture.... he had a fantastic time!

J with his Auntie Becca

& Uncle Kevin (or as J called him "Kebin")

with Grandpa

the kid could not get enough of the jet ski...."more! more! more!"

MN vacation1

with Grandma

nap on the trampoline

with Great Grandpa

saw a bunny with Aunt Cindy & Uncle Seth.... he was VERY excited

at the Como Zoo with Aunt Cindy

Sunday, August 9, 2009

wagon wheel

Jonah has a new favorite song & asks for it quite often....

Monday, July 6, 2009

more river days

we just can't get enough of the river this year! we headed up to the Eel once again with Cortnee and Mike for the day. we have needed the vitamin D & warmth.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

river day

we finally escaped to some sunshine this last week & made a day trip to the Eel River. it felt like summer! good times were had by all...especially Jonah & Ella.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


ok... well, Jonah is the only one in this picture who is not a cousin... but he thinks he is one! he LOVES hanging out with these sweet girls! he was having a fun time swimming despite the shocked look on his face...

Sunday, May 31, 2009

mouth of the klamath

on the trek down to the beach

watching the boys rock climb with Auntie Kam

we made a trek to a beach near the mouth of the Klamath River to spend the day. we were having one last adventure with Auntie Lauren & Uncle Greg before their departure from Humboldt.

camping pet

the boys found Jonah a pet snake on the trip...he was pretty comfy in Jonah's bucket.

humbug mountain

Jonah had his first camping trip and LOVED it! what is there not to like, i guess.... he got to run around half naked and dirty the whole time! two of his favorite things to do on the trip were eat sand (of course) and take Buckley the dog for a walk. he wouldn't leave poor Buckley alone & said his name (sounded like buppey) repeatedly. we had a great time with our friends Mike & Steph...we will be sad to lose them to Colorado.