Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Stairs & Steps

Jonah discovered stairs at Grammy & Poppy's house and he couldn't get enough of them! in fact, i wish we had some stairs at our house....it would be hours of entertainment.

here is more evidence that Jonah loves to carry heavy things around. he walks better when he is carrying something, the heavier the better!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

warmth & sunshine

we made a trip up to Medford this last weekend. Jonah needed to see Grammy & Poppy...it had been a while! (i also needed a fix of warmth and sunshine!) it was a full weekend of family & friends. Jonah's Great Grams & Gramps came up to see us too...

Grammy & Jonah walking at the park

Poppy & Jonah

Great Grams & Jonah playing the finger game

Great Grams & Gramps at the park

Jonah insists on finding the heaviest & biggest toy around with a handle and carting it with him everywhere! he is quite obsessed with handles...

our friend Lily is leaving for Vietnam for a year to teach English. Yay for Lily!! we are so excited for her new adventure. we went to her good-bye party to wish her "happy travels". was good to see old friends. we love you Lil!

we love you too Kate!!
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