Thursday, October 2, 2008

warmth & sunshine

we made a trip up to Medford this last weekend. Jonah needed to see Grammy & had been a while! (i also needed a fix of warmth and sunshine!) it was a full weekend of family & friends. Jonah's Great Grams & Gramps came up to see us too...

Grammy & Jonah walking at the park

Poppy & Jonah

Great Grams & Jonah playing the finger game

Great Grams & Gramps at the park

Jonah insists on finding the heaviest & biggest toy around with a handle and carting it with him everywhere! he is quite obsessed with handles...

our friend Lily is leaving for Vietnam for a year to teach English. Yay for Lily!! we are so excited for her new adventure. we went to her good-bye party to wish her "happy travels". was good to see old friends. we love you Lil!

we love you too Kate!!
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April said...

I found your blog - yay! Love it! Mine is:

TnT said...

your boy is simply adorable. such a cute and cuddly love bug kind of guy.

Auntie Cindy said...

Miss you guys!! Thanks for keeping this updated with pictures!! Makes my days!! :)

Love to you, LOVE LOVE LOVE to Jonah! ;)