Sunday, November 22, 2009

Jonah is 2!!!!!!

i am so very behind on posting about this oh so important event! Jonah turned 2! i don't know how it happened, it seems like only a few months ago he turned 1. 2 has proved to be such an amazing time for us. everyday i am amazed at what comes out of my boy's mouth.... i gotta be REAL careful about what i say these days. he is always listening.... or talking. there is a constant stream of commentary about what he is seeing & hearing, as well as what he wants you to do...."right now" or "so bad"!! my boy is so full of life, energy and joy & i am so honored to be his mama.

he had a week long celebration for his birthday, starting with a visit from Grammy and Poppy, then a little celebration with some of his friends & finally a day with our little family. our family day was jam packed with some of Jonah's favorite things..... started with pancakes and steamed milk (which he calls his "caffeine"), followed by a trip to the farmers market with lots of music and dancing. he wanted tacos for lunch - so Rita's it was. next on the agenda was the beach. we went to the jetty and saw the incredible 20 ft. (or something like that) waves that brings out all of Humboldt to witness. it was amazing & Jonah couldn't get enough of the beach that day. we ended the day with a short trip to Arts Alive - more music....surprise surprise! i think our boy loved the day & we loved every ounce of his enthusiasm. happy birthday Jonah!


TnT said...

Oh dear, Jonah is sooo cute. Great pictures. Happy Birthday little man.

Rachel said...

Unbelievable! I'm so happy for you guys, and so thrilled to know you are enjoying every moment you have. I shared the pics with my "family" here in Italy tonight-they all agree Jonah is adorable and wish you guys the best as well! Love you and miss you!